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Welcome to Games On Delay: a Blog for Filthy Casuals

This is Games on Delay. We review games long after they're relevant, in a completely unprofessional fashion. This is our blog.

Who Are You?


We are casual gamers. We buy games a year after they come out so we can get them for single-digit prices on Steam sales, play them on ultra settings with our midrange video cards, and then talk about them long after everyone's stopped caring. We might even post silly videos or other crap we find, because why not? If you're one of us, this blog is for you.

Okay, But Who Are You Really?

Right now, we're Alan Henry, Eric Ravenscraft, Thorin Klosowski, Andy Orin, Patrick Allan, and Whitson Gordon of Lifehacker. We are not professional video game reviewers. We do not give scores. We are not getting paid for this. We just felt like sharing our thoughts on our own personal corner of Kinja. We probably won't be the only people to write here, but we are the first.

Will You Review [Game X]?

Who knows? We review the games we play, rather than play the games we review. So if it happens to be on our wish list and we have strong enough opinions to write a rant about it, it'll probably show up here. Otherwise, it probably won't. But we're always down for recommendations of games we should play, so feel free to give them?


Why Are You Doing This?

Because apparently running a blog full time is not enough writing for us and we play too many video games. I'm not really sure.


At any rate, welcome! We've already written a few posts to get the ball rolling, so head on over to the home page ( to get started.

Title photo by jDevaun.

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