Playing games a year after anyone cares
Playing games a year after anyone cares
Illustration for article titled The Making of Goldeneye Is Actually Super Interesting (and Ridiculous)

Now that enough years have passed since Goldeneye's heyday, it's time you know how the sausage was made. No, seriously, you should read this.

There are a ton of great stories about how games get made, but I have a soft spot in my heart for the story of Goldeneye. It's crazy how many weird hacks they had to do just to make the game run properly, especially considering they didn't know the actual specs of the Nintendo 64 while they were making it. They also had some really wacky ideas:

"At one point, we were going to have reloading done by the player unplugging and re-inserting the rumble pack on the controller," remembers Steve. "Nintendo weren't keen on that idea and I think it might have affected the pacing a bit…"


Honestly, that should be enough to convince you that you should read this article. Go. Link is below.

The Making of Goldeneye | Now Gamer

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