Playing games a year after anyone cares
Playing games a year after anyone cares

Chances are high that you’ve played a Resident Evil game at some point, but the chances of you understanding what’s going on are probably pretty low. This handy graphic helps explain when each game is actually taking place in the main story’s timeline.

The graphic, from, covers pretty much all of the series’ games from the original Resident Evil in 1996, all the way up to this year’s Resident Evil: Revelations 2. The graphic tells you what year the game released, what year the game’s story actually took place, and details what characters were involved in each game. It even makes not of the Resident Evil film’s main character Alice, who doesn’t appear in any games. Making sense of everything that happens in these games is considered a fool’s errand by most, but if you want some lore to go along with your timeline, Patrick Klepek has a solid guide over at Kotaku.


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