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I'm Glad I Never Tried to Play Elder Scrolls: Arena

Like any fan of the post-2002 Elder Scrolls series, I gawked when I discovered what the original DOS-era Elder Scrolls games looked like. And, like any fan, I was really curious to play them. After watching this video, I thank the good lord I didn't.

As you may know, both Arena and Daggerfall are available as free downloads, so anyone who wants a glimpse into Tamriel's past can enjoy them in all their original glory. What you may not know is: you're in for a rough ride if you try to play them, at least according to Lazy Game Reviews.


Perhaps I'm just not diehard enough, but after watching their (quite amusing) review, I feel I've seen all I need to see—but it is a really fun watch. Probably more fun than the game actually is to play. So if you don't want to put in the hours, this 16 minute glimpse should be good enough.

LGR - The Elder Scrolls Arena - DOS PC Game Review | Lazy Game Reviews

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